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LLC Asset Protection

LLC to Protect Personal Assets Many people wonder whether they should operate their business as an LLC or corporation, specifically in order to protect their assets from potential exposure for business debts.  While this is one of many good reasons for forming an entity, the answer as to whether it will effectively protect your assets

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What Is A Shell Company And Corporate Alter Ego

Shell Companies - Definition Alter Ego Liability & Shell Corporations I sometimes hear people refer to a business as a “shell company.”  This is an informal term, not a legal one, but is usually used to refer to a company that has a valid charter from the state, but has no assets, and may not

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Legally Resolving Business Disputes

How To Resolve A Business Dispute There are various ways of resolving your business dispute when negotiations have broken down.  Business Mediation Mediation is a formal settlement discussion.  Each party sits with own their attorney, separate from the other side, and a trained mediator goes back and forth between the parties to try to negotiate

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How To Collect Money Owed To Your Business

How To Collect Debt Effectively One of the unfortunate truths about running a business is that not all of your customers pay their bills.  Besides the occasional legitimate dispute - products or services not ordered, not delivered, or that were defective, some people seem to make a habit of slow-paying or no-paying any invoice they

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Business Fraud Attorney in Houston, Texas

Business Fraud Lawyers If you've been a victim of fraud in a business deal, then contact our commercial litigation attorneys. There are several types of fraud but all of them are based on an intentional misrepresentation of important facts, the failure to disclose important facts, or a false promise to do something.  Each of these

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Business To Business Demand Letters

Demand For Payment Letter Texas At some point, if your business dispute is not resolved, at least one of the parties will write a demand letter, sometimes referred to as a business to business demand letter or “cease and desist” letter.  For some types of disputes, a demand letter is required in order to file

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Business Contracts And The Statute Of Frauds

What Contracts Must Be In Writing Under The Statute Of Frauds The statute of frauds requires some contracts to be in writing in order to be enforceable.  The goal is really to avoid frauds. Although in Texas, many contracts do not have to be in writing, the following types of contracts must be in writing

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Texas Breach of Contract Law

Breach of Contract - Texas Many small business disputes are a form of a claim for breach of contract. Whether it’s a vendor that didn’t complete the job correctly, a customer that didn’t pay, a business partner that is taking money they’re not entitled to, or not meeting their obligations, these are all basically breaches

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Debt Collection Lawsuit Process

Answer To Debt Collection Lawsuit Example In many ways the Debt Collection Lawsuit Process proceeds like any other case.. We will start with a review of your contract, if any, along with the invoices, statement of account, and any prior correspondence with the customer, including emails and text messages.  The interest due should be calculated

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How to Close A Business in Texas – LLC Dissolution

How To Close An LLC In TX Dissolving an LLC or Corporation in Texas is not difficult, but just like setting up a new company, it does take time and attention to detail. First, you will need to “wind up” the entity’s affairs.  You will need to stop advertising and signing up new business, completing

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