Freer Speech

I just saw a Facebook post protesting the Supreme Court’s decision making some campaign finance rules unconstitutional. The post said “Speech doesn’t corrupt, money corrupts. Money isn’t speech.” But they’re mistaken - how you spend your money IS speech under the first amendment, just like flag burning, sign waving, protesting and rude finger gestures. It's

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Marriage and the State

The Texas Attorney General is appealing the ban on same sex marriage in DeLeon v Perry. No big surprise there - lots of people are terrified of the idea that a gay couple might enjoy the same state-sponsored benefits that heterosexual couples have had available for a hundreds of years. Yes, I said state-sponsored benefits.

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Not the Court Reporter

Twenty six years ago, when I got out of law school, half of my class were women. So why is it that virtually every time I arrive at another lawyer’s office for a deposition, the receptionist assumes that I’m the court reporter? When I was a younger lawyer, I thought it was because of my

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