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Do you have a home or investment property that you are interested in renting, purchasing or selling?


Do you need to move out of the city but need to retain your home or investment property here in Houston?


Do you currently have rental property and need to turn over the details to a property manager?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, call today to find out how to maximize your property investment by hiring Key Trek Realty to manage your property. For a small, flat monthly fee, Key Trek Realty will give you peace of mind by absorbing all the stress of looking for tenants, performing background checks, maintaining the property, preparing leases, tracking lease renewals and any related details of handling your real estate investment property. We are here for you.

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    Benefits of working with a Professional
    Property Manager at Key Trek Realty:

    Key Trek Realty Can…

    • Appear on your behalf at tax appraisal board hearings
    • Appear on your behalf at Homeowner Association Meetings
    • Assist in the event of any issue involving the property
    • Handle lease terminations, repairs, H.O.A disputes, title questions and litigation
    • Prepare annual reports of property income and expenses
    • Secure property after a storm and arrange for repairs
    • Find and investigate reliable tenants for the property
    • Notify the owner of the property prior to any repairs
    • Collect rent payments and forward to the property owner promptly
    • Keep in direct contact with tenant and collect any late fees for property owner
    • Determine the appropriate market rental value
    • List the property on MLS
    • Place signs and flyers on lease property, show property to prospective tenants
    • Place a keybox on the property for showings by other realtors
    • Supervise tenant move in and move out
    • Arrange for cleaning
    • Convey the keys to the new tenants on move in
    • Change the locks
    • Arrange repairs of the property
    • Notify the property owner if there are any problems that need to be addressed
    • And much more…

    Key Trek Realty
    Services & Fees

    Professional Listing Agent Services
    Standard rates apply to list your property for sale. Call 713-529-2020 for more details.

    Property Management
    The Fee is one month’s rent for the initial tenant lease signed for the property and 10% commission of the monthly lease rent for duration of the lease.

    No Hidden Fees
    Property owner retains the security deposit, pays for any agreed repairs, as well as for loan costs, taxes and insurance associated with the property




    Professional property managers allow owners to profit without having to manage the day-to-day inconveniences and duties of dealing with repairs or tenants directly. Working with Key Trek Realty, the fee paid is worth the freedom from the daily details of managing your property.

    Why hire Key Trek Realty?

    Our clients also benefit from the knowledge we hold as a Law Firm, we understand the real estate law and have years of experience working with contracts. We understand the market values and how to save you money on repairs and from being overtaxed. We want your experience to be as stress free as possible and have the security of knowing your rental property is in good hands. We pride ourselves as a leader in the property management services industry. Leasing your residential property is easy with Key Trek Realty and brings you peace of mind to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

     Get the most out of your rental property with Key Trek Realty!

    What makes us different at Key Trek Realty?

     Security deposits are held by the property owner, not the manager

     Repair expenses are paid directly to the contractor, or passed through at our cost

     Late fees are paid to the property owner, not the manager

     No additional fees charges by Key Trek Realty for renewing leases to existing tenants

     We provide complete annual report of all funds collected and spent on your property

    Walter Law Firm, PC affiliation offers essential legal support and property protection